Devialet reinvents your speakers with its breakthrough SAM©, Speaker Active Matching, technology.
Devialet creates the first amplifier which adapts the signal to the speakers. Your speakers can now reveal the full extent of their potential.

What is SAM®?


SAM processes in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speaker matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone.

This audiophile’s dream is working through the very powerful DSP implemented in each Devialet.

Is SAM® a simple equaliser?


Equalising consists of applying standard linear filters to a digital signal in order to modify the latter’s frequency response. Most audio systems use this method to make bass-boost or treble-boost adjustments. For a bass boost, this method means quantitatively adding bass. By definition, this modification causes degradation in the signal phase response, and thus the signal quality. The increase in bass thus has a detrimental effect on quality. This standard function exists by default on a Devialet (controlled on the remote control via the Tone-control button) SAM® is much more than a simple equaliser. It is not a standard filter but an open-loop of your speakers.

In the Devialet DSP, SAM® embeds a complete model of your speaker, allowing the signal to be adapted to the characteristics of your speakers in real time. The result is impressive: for the very first time, the acoustic pressure produced by the speaker is precisely that recorded by the microphone. With the extension of the low-frequency response should the signal request it, phase realignment across the entire spectrum and protection of the loudspeaker, SAM® brings improvements to all aspects of your speakers. This unique technique is patented. The fruit of three years of research and development at the heart of Devialet, it enables your speakers unveil their full potential.

Could SAM damage my speakers?


SAM® controls your speakers. Whether it be volume or excursion, SAM® knows everything about your speakers which enables it to control it with greater accuracy. SAM® therefore knows your speakers so well that it can take them to their peak but never overstep the mark.

Without SAM®, an amplifier may damage your speakers whilst a Devialet with SAM® protects them. In practical terms, the two parts in loudspeakers which can wear out are the suspensions and coil. Their wear isn’t caused by the amplitude of the membrane’s movement or the electrical power used: they are worn down by extensive use at high volume forcing the loudspeakers outside their comfort zone. However, SAM® ensures that loudspeakers always remain in their comfort zone. At normal speaker volume, loudspeakers have the same life expectancy with or without SAM. However, loudspeakers used at high volume last longer when controlled by SAM.

How does a speaker become SAM Ready?


There are over 60 measurements involved in determining a SAM profile. This painstaking operation is carried out by the Devialet SAM team in a dedicated lab in Paris. These measurements namely assess driver excursion, heat generation, cabinet size etc. The impedance and displacement of the membrane for example are measured using a frequency sweep. These two steps help identify the loudspeakers’ parameters (thiele and small) and the cabinet’s properties (vent and charge density). All the mathematical and acoustic measurements are then entered in the SAM® software to create a virtual model of the speakers and their behaviour called the “speaker profile”. Once downloaded on the SD card and inserted in the Devialet, this profile enables the amplifier to adapt the speaker’s signal.

Why are some speakers SAM Ready when they don’t have 100 votes? And why are some speakers with 100 votes not SAM Ready yet?


Speakers with 100 votes are given priority. The Devialet SAM team does everything possible to procure them. As soon as the speakers arrive in the SAM lab our teams give them their full attention possibly at the expense of other speakers with fewer votes. However, some speakers are difficult to get hold of e.g. if they’ve been withdrawn from sale. That’s why we sometimes ask for your help: some of you have received an email from us asking to borrow your speakers and we would like to thank you for your help. But the process is of course a long one. Some enthusiastic manufacturers have sent us their entire range which enables the Devialet SAM teams to make fast progress and also work on speakers which haven’t yet got 100 votes.