Devialet reinvents your speakers with its breakthrough SAM©, Speaker Active Matching, technology.
Devialet creates the first amplifier which adapts the signal to the speakers. Your speakers can now reveal the full extent of their potential.
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Audiovector – Mi3 Avantgarde SE

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Audiovector – QR3

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Audiovector – SR3 Super

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Audiovector – Si3 Signature

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Audiovector – S3 Super

2 Votes 

Audiovector – SR3 Signature


Audiovector – Ki1 Signature


Audiovector – Mi1 Avantgarde

3 Votes 

Audiovector – M1 Super


Audiovector – SR1 Avantgarde Arrete


Audiovector – SR3 Avantgarde Arrete


Audiovector – SR6 Avantgarde Arrete

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Audiovector – SI3 Avantgarde Arreté

11 Votes 

Audiovector – SI3 Avantgarde

17 Votes 
k-serie black 071

Audiovector – S3 Avantgarde Arreté

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Audiovector – Mi3 Signature

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Audiovector – SR6

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